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Harness the opportunity of workplace pensions Auto Enrolment, a revolution in UK pensions.

Every employer needs to comply, and almost every one of them will need the help and advice of an IFA or other pensions expert. 

As an adviser with finite resources, you need a service that's reliable, easy to use, scalable and fully automated.

Great business for you, great peace of mind for your clients. Team up now with OptEnrol, the Auto Enrolment Software Solution for Advisors

Don't miss the opportunity!

Find out how little OptEnrol costs and see how it can enhance your business!


Taking the burden from your clients

Back up your advice services by taking care of the assessments, physical communications and reporting. The OptEnrol cost will be a small part of your monthly “advise and perform” fee, leaving you to agree your charge for your added expertise.


Securing your business relationships

Cement your relationships and add value to your business by interacting monthly or even weekly with clients, enabling you to offer further financial advice to your corporate clients as well as attracting new business.


Looking after everyone

OptEnrol is quick and simple to use, so no client is too small. There's no charge to set up each employer, just an assessment fee of £0.50 per employee per month as you use the service, and you can stop at any time without notice. So there’s no need to let anyone down.


All you need for auto enrolment

Simply set up your clients and input basic employer and scheme details, then upload employee and payroll data or ask your client to upload. OptEnrol will assess, calculate and communicate in accordance with The Pension Regulator guidelines.