As an employer, once you reach your Staging Date you have obligations to assess and, if necessary, enrol employees into a workplace pension that you must set up for them. You must contribute to the workplace pension for your employees.

A team of experts

Our team of experts can explain your workplace pension obligations in detail and help you choose what suits you from the various options available. In broad terms, your needs and how we can help you with them are explained below. 

Checking your situation and choosing a pension scheme (OPTIONAL). Costs £399 plus VAT.

Checking your current pension scheme.

We can examine your current arrangements, if any, and let you know if you need a further “catch-all” scheme. You may already be paying contributions into a company pension scheme - a Stakeholder pension or other occupational pension scheme. That may not be suitable as a qualifying workplace pension, and the provider may not be prepared to accept all eligible employees into it.

Choosing a suitable pension scheme.

If needed, we can provide a summary of a range or suitable pension schemes that will accept you, what the provider’s costs and conditions are (if any) and our recommendations.

Setting up a scheme. Costs £100 plus VAT.

Once you’ve chosen a scheme we’ll set it up online for you. From within OptEnrol we set up schemes with L&G, The Peoples Pension, NEST, Aviva, NOW:Pensions and SmartPensions.

Running your regular assessments. Costs £2 per employee per month (min £20 per month) plus VAT.

For every payroll you produce, we’ll assess all your employees, enrol the ones that are eligible, send them their required notifications, calculate the contributions, upload reports to the pension scheme and maintain an archive as required by The Pensions Regulator. We’ll ensure you meet all your statutory obligations.

Already past your Staging Date? Costs up to £2 per employee per month (min £20 per month) plus VAT.

If you’ve already begun enrolling your employees but aren’t happy that you’re under control and doing it properly, we can recreate your assessments from your Staging Date onwards. We’ll make sure that you’re in the correct position and put you back in full control with a set up that satisfies The Pensions Regulator.